To the city

Last week I spent one and a half days eating and exploring my way through a few blocks of the Seattle waterfront and Belltown. Change of scenery is so great. The weather 3 hours to the West felt downright balmy. The flowers in the planter boxes downtown were blooming.

In February. Crazy! 

Here's what I loved about being the city:

Walking. I smiled at strangers. I looked in shop windows. I read posters on street corners. I took in the fresh air. My normal routine is to go from house---> to garage---> to car---> to destination. The feel of wandering a little bit to get where I was going was nice.

Good food for cheap, and on every block. Top Pot had the most amazing cappuccino and cinnamon/sugar old fashioned doughnuts. Ivar's felt like a must. $3 for a cup of chowder. $4 gigantic sausage and ricotta pizza from Rocco's. 

Diversity and culture. I like variance. People watching is fascinating. Sometimes living in a smallish town things can feel very mono-the-same. I listened to a little G Love at the Crocodile. This was my favorite song of the night. 

4.) Sounds. The bustle of traffic, loud construction, sirens blaring, I felt like a small piece of something big with a lot of moving parts. The sound of seagulls woke me up in the morning and fell asleep to the rain. 

5.) Going home. The city is enlivening, however, it is definitely not my natural habitat. It's fun to visit, but after two to three days I'm overstimulated and ready for the quiet of my little valley.

We had a super low-key weekend with a few chores, a trip to the park, and some pink heart pancakes. On to the next! Here comes Monday.